Since its establishment in 1983, the American Art Pottery Association has continued to bring people together to share their knowledge and interest in art pottery. Operating as a not for profit 501(c), the AAPA and its membership enjoy various activities each year such as: annual convention; show, sale, and auction of Art Pottery; and the quarterly publication of the Journal of American Art Pottery Association.


  • To promote an interest, understanding, appreciation, and recognition of American Art Pottery.
  • To unify and strengthen the voice of collectors and dealers of American Art Pottery.
  • To foster a members’ Code of Ethics for buying, selling, exhibiting and publishing about American Art Pottery.

This Code of Ethics is subscribed to by all members – Buy with confidence.


  • Contracts for pottery sales are binding, whether written, electronic, or verbal. When a buyer and seller agree to a transaction and a price, that agreement will be considered binding and cannot be changed except through mutual agreement.
  • Sellers must clearly price all pottery for sale.
  • Sellers must provide buyers with their name and/or business name, address, telephone number, and email address if appropriate. This information must be provided on a receipt, which must be given for all sales. The receipt should accurately describe the item(s) being sold and the condition of the item(s).
  • Sellers must state their return policy clearly before a sale is finalized. They must give any buyer who purchases pottery in person the privilege of return of any piece if the pottery is not as described. When a piece of pottery is bought, sight unseen, the buyer must be allowed to return the piece for any reason, provided it is in the same condition as it was when sent to the buyer, and

Meet Your Board Members and Journal Staff

Mark Mazzuki
Mark MazzukiPresident
Mark Mazzuki is a collector and the owner of Marlin Media Publishing.
Mark Latta
Mark LattaPast President
Mark is a collector / dealer and owner of Latta Well & Pump.
Riley Humler
Riley HumlerVice President
Riley is an auctioneer, collector, dealer and expert on ceramics. He hosts occasionally on Antiques Roadshow
Paul Katrich
Paul KatrichSecretary
Paul Katrich is an extremely talented potter and the owner of Paul J. Katrich; Unique Luster Pottery.
Leonard Law, CPA Inactive
Leonard Law, CPA InactiveTreasurer
Len is a long time member and collector.
Christine Boone
Christine BooneTrustee
Christine is an pottery collector and dealer
Greg Myroth
Greg MyrothTrustee
Greg Myroth is a dealer and owner of
Len Senior
Len SeniorTrustee
Len Senior is a collector and actively involved in several pottery associations.
Marie Latta
Marie LattaMembership Director
Marie as a collector / dealer and owner of Latta Well & Pump.
Linda Carrigan
Linda CarriganJournal Editor
Linda is a collector, speaker, author and past AAPA President for four terms.

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