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With your membership you will enjoy the following benefits as well as the ability to exchange ideas and information with other members!

    • Four issues of the highly acclaimed Journal of the American Art Pottery Association.
    • An invitation to participate in the AAPA’s annual Convention, Show and Sale held each spring. Exhibiting dealers are required to be current members of the AAPA!
    • Complimentary listing of your business website link in our Member Web Links section.
    • The right to display the AAPA Member sign, signifying your membership in the only national organization dedicated to promoting interest, understanding, appreciation and recognition of American Art Pottery.

  • Membership is for one calendar year – beginning the day you sign up.
  • Subscribe by check – write us to know how.



Be part of the journey

The American Art Pottery Association is the only national association and publication dedicated to pottery from 1880 to the present.  We urge all to join us with the promise that this will open up a new window into a passion we all share.

  • Let’s Unify

  • Let’s Promote

  • Let’s Share

Advertise in one prestige quarterly publication designed to promote an Interest, Understanding, Appreciation, & Recognition of American Art Pottery. And to connect collectors, dealers and all pottery enthusiast nationwide.

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