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Old World Restorations, Inc.

Cincinnati, Ohio Since 1978 our experienced staff has been reassembling broken ceramic objects and completing restorations that are truly remarkable. Our restorations are performed using reversible, non-destructive methods and materials. We can reverse previous repairs, assemble broken pieces, replace missing areas, inpaint and replicate nearly any design, shape, color and finish.

Wiebold Studio, Inc.

Terrace Park, Ohio Over 60 years experience and the latest technology in ceramic restoration and repair give us the ability to restore ceramic objects which might have been considered lost. Missing pieces, chips or cracks can be restored and re-glazed to eliminate the damaged areas and bring back their beauty. All the paints and glazes we use in ceramic restoration withstand extensive age testing and are fully reversible to ensure the highest quality restoration. Wiebold employs the finest artists to create a repair invisible to the naked eye.