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The Journal

The Journal of the American Art Pottery Association is a highly regarded quarterly publication distributed to members of the American Art Pottery Association.

Members of the AAPA receive four (4) issues each year as part of their paid membership. Each issue contains stunning full color photographs of pottery, pottery marks, and historically significant pottery artifacts. Readers find fully researched, in-depth articles on potters and pottery operations ranging from those of prominence to seeming obscurity.

Most of these articles are original first runs, not to be found anywhere else! Throughout the year readers are kept up to date with information relevant to the collecting, buying, and selling of art pottery. With reviews of books, auctions, shows, technological impacts, and a calendar of events, all AAPA members are current with news and discoveries in American Art Pottery.

This publication is not sold anywhere else and is available only through the AAPA! Additional copies of current and back issues are available for purchase to the general public.

If you are a pottery enthusiast or simply intrigued with decorative arts past and present, the Journal is a must have for your reference and enjoyment! Enjoy this as one of the many benefits of your membership with the AAPA.