Waylande Gregory

Waylande Gregory

Uncommon Cowan Pottery Designs By Waylande Gregory



Waylande Gregory was Cowan Pottery’s only full time employee, and he designed
more Cowan objects than any of their artists, of course, with the notable exception of
Guy Cowan, himself. It was at Cowan that Gregory started his career in ceramics and
many would consider his limited edition ceramic sculptures for Cowan among their most
accomplished and popular works. Gregory’s signature monumental ceramic sculptures,
some topping 6 feet and weighing over one ton, would not come until later, after the
pottery closed in 1931. Since the Cowan Pottery was one of America’s last major art
potteries, it is also possible to see the sculptural works Gregory created there as not
only the significant conclusion of the art pottery period; but also, as the beginning of
the golden era of American ceramic sculpture. This, in following years, would include
the Cleveland School and such luminaries in ceramic sculpture as Peter Voulkos, Robert
Arneson, Howard Kottler and Viola Frey.

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